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Successfully completed the construction of a pilot biorefinery
BIONET has successfully completed in record time the design and construction of the Clamber pilot biorefinery in Puertollano. This project was adjudicated to BIONET in June 2015 and has been successfully commissioned in December of that same year.

The scope of the contract included a fermentation laboratory with equipments from 3 to 30 litres, a complete train of media preparation and fermentation with bioreactors of 300, 3000 and 20,000 litres of working volume and a downstream area for biomass clarification, which includes tangential flow filtration, centrifugation, and solvent extraction technologies.

The project’s success has been based on several factors, including that BIONET has already developed a complete range of equipment. This allows performing construction engineering in a very short time and with known and proven suppliers. On the other hand, the design model in "skid" allows the delivery of equipment pre-tested in our facilities.

With this Project, BIONET has demonstrated its extraordinary ability that makes it a leading supplier for bioprocess plants in the European market.