Cross-flow Filtration

BIONET has developed de M and R series, a complete range of pilot and industrial scale cross-flow filtration systems.

Our models cover all levels of filtration (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis). In addition, most available technologies (flat ceramic tubular, hollow fiber, spiral ...) of the market leaders (GE, DOW, Spectrum, Pall, Tami ...) can be integrated.

We have systems in all range of filtration sizes (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reserve osmosis). They can integrate most membrane technologies (ceramic, hollow fiber, spiral..), from leader membrane vendors.

They are available in several sizes and from pilot units, with working volumes between 30 and 100 liters (M50, R50), to units for small and medium industrial production (M500 and R500) and customized industrial units to filter thousands of liters per hour (MR and RS). 

All models can be fully automated with process instrumentation and control through ROSA+SW. HMI Touch Panel PC 12”.

ATEX compliant version for organic solvent filtration-extraction processes available.

Based on standard capacity most units can incorporate further membranes units to increase filtration surface.

Alternative pump technologies depending on the rheology of the medium.

cGMP units version and manufacturing under ASME-BPE standards available on demand. It includes CFR 21.11 version of ROSA+ SW.

The M50/500 and R50/500 systems are the perfect solution for all those seeking a compact system for concentration/purification of bioproducts, not only at pilot but also at small-industrial scale, able to process batches from 30 to 500 litres.

MS RS-Special
Technology and Science at industrial scale

BIONET has strong capabilities and experience to design and build your industrial size cross-flow filtration unit. When our pilot solutions are not enough please contact us to help you solve your industrial need.